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Laguna Bikini Review By Simply Ney




Here’s what Ney had to say about the Laguna Bikini Set:

Moss and Malibu sent me a bathing suit. Look at that, that’s so pretty. Sexy, there’s also a Polaroid here of someone. “We hope you love it, Moss and Malibu.” That is really freaking cute. There’s this little bow here and these little cute tassels, and it’s in the palm tree, representing Florida. I’ll try this on y’all, really cute.

I tried on the bathing suit, and oh my god you guys, freaking cute. I can’t. Let me show you guys. Let me adjust this lighting so you can actually see. Why does it keep … there we go. This is the bikini from Moss and Malibu. I absolutely in love with it. This part of the bathing suit right here unties and you can readjust it. Then these are the bottoms, again, they’re adjustable. These little tassels here make them tight, loose, whatever you like.

I’m absolutely in love. I just think it’s really, really cute for spring here in Florida, summer in your area.

I will leave the bikini linked down below if you guys want to get it:

Moss & Malibu Laguna Bikini







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