Top 5 Things To Do On The Croatian Coast


You might remember Vanessa Tomasic and her incredible bikini body from our previous feature on her. Today she is back to give us the inside goss on what to do next time you’re on the Croatian Coast.

1.  Swim:

We have some of the most beautiful, clean, clear and calmest waters in the world! It’s my number one thing to do here. Cliff jumping is popular, just walk cautiously around the rocks as they can crumble and be slippery. Also make sure you have a exit point onto the rocks again after jumping otherwise it could be a long swim back to shore! My advice (as a mother) just enjoy swimming and leave the cliff jumping as a spectator sport.

2. Eat:

If you love rustic cooking you’ll love Croatian food, but above all that I just love going to the fruit and veg markets to buy the best homegrown/made Olive oil, vinegar, watermelon, peaches, nectarines, cherries and figs I have ever tasted!! Then stop to a local bakery (Pekara) for some fresh baked goods. In Summer I am pretty much a fruitarian with a side of bread and olive oil for dipping

3. Drink:

Winning awards for our natural spring waters (with and without gas) it’s not all about alcohol! Who am I kidding, you’re on holiday – yes it is!!! We Croatians are very proud of our wines, beers and liquors infused with the likes of cherries, sour cherries, honey and walnut. It is not uncommon to see people pouring cold mineral water into their wine, this is a great idea for keeping hydrated and pacing yourself for those long nights out. Just taste the wine first as some wines call for it and others are great as is.

4. Discover:

In every sea town you will find the popular beaches, crowded in Summer and if that’s what you are looking for, then fantastic! You will not need to walk far. For those wanting something a little more quiet and private then just walk along the beach coast line away from the populated beach and you will always find a little oasis. This is one of my favourite things about Croatia, you can experience both the party and quiet side in every small sea town. I would also recommend jumping on a bus and visiting neighbouring towns to check out what they have to offer, as every town has something special and you don’t need to travel far.

5. Island hop:

With over 1000 islands in Croatia this is a obvious pick! The bigger islands have public transport options with, Catamaran, Ferry and smaller boat services daily so you can island hop with ease! Book in advance or take it day by day. Just make sure your accommodation is booked in advance to get the best selection and prices.

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